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The Uprooted Kitchen – Gilbert, AZ

The Uprooted Kitchen – Gilbert, AZ

Easily one of the most conscious eateries we have been to in Arizona.  Look at how conscious this meal looks! The restaurant is located in Gilbert, AZ for those that know the terrain out here.  Last year Gilbert was actually voted the 2nd safest city […]

Nan Zhou – hand drawn noodle house – Mesa, AZ

Residents of Mesa, border cities and surrounding regions, this is a FIRE alert.  Likened to yelling fire in a theater, I had to tell somebody. So we (the wife, the little baby and I) arrived almost at noon and Nan Zhou was just starting to […]

Living La Vida Goji (berry)

Hey people,

I hope each one of you is doing well.  Today I want to talk to you about Goji berries.  These luscious red berries are native to China and they’re amazing.  I try to eat them daily but forget on occasion, I’ve been consuming these little nutrient dense power houses for about 3 years now.

Freshly picked Goji berries, usually they are dried and then packaged but this picture shows them in their opulence!

When I first started buying them I was blown away by their prices.  Sprout’s would sell a small pre-packaged container about a 1/4-pound for $24.99/LB.  If you wanted to free-hand the Gojis into a plastic bag that would be $19.99/LB which was more of a discount but still too pricey.  I purchased different brands over the years but the same problem persisted, the Goji berries were usually dry and a bit too crunchy (hey what did I know, I was new to the game).

One day wifey told me she had signed up for amazon reviews (this was a service that offered deeply discounted products in exchange for a review on Amazon; since then they have changed their policies…).  A similar site, if you are interested, is Snagshout.  Make sure to click on “categories” to see everything they offer.  I brought this up because there was an offer for Goji Berries and I was super ecstatic that I would be spending less than $3 for a pound of Gojis.

This is where the game changed.  These Goji Berries were the freshest, most plump, delicious variety I’d eaten in my life.  Las week, I was reminded about them and when I was about order some on Amazon I noticed the company that gathered these berries in China was located in Scottsdale, AZ (a border city to where we recently moved).  I decided to contact them.

I’ve now become an affiliate and would love to share their wonderful products with you! Please give them a shot and let me know what you think! Check out the best Goji berries I have found to date.


I hope you enjoy them, I sure do! They’re great by the handful, in smoothies, in oatmeal (mornings), in hot tea (let them soak in the liquid and eat them at the end), with raw desserts (for color, taste and nutrients), and… I could go on and on.  Enjoy these berries!

Thanks for stopping by Our Passion For Food!

God Bless

El Camino Real – Fullerton, CA

To those that don’t speak Spanish, if you live in California you should learn it.  El camino real translates as the real path or the real way and YES this food is as authentic as it gets.  This place is a staple in the quaint […]

Pita Hot – Fullerton, CA

The best Mediterranean food in Fullerton and surrounding cities! Technically, I believe the food is Palestinian/Israeli cuisine or that’s what was gathered in speaking to the owner. We normally get the veggie plate which comes with a choice of rice (veganess in question, I will […]

Love of Juice – Irvine, CA

Easily the best juice in Orange County.

Their headquarters are located in Irvine at Farm Direct.  Their location and name alone should tell you about their products.  This company prides themselves on picking the best local organic and non genetically modified fruits and vegetables.

If Irvine is too far South, you can find Love of Juice in Buena Park at a cute little coffee shop called Coffee Stop, they are closed on Sundays though, keep in mind.

We have had at least 50% of their juices and not one has been lackluster. Whenever my wife isn’t feeling well she comes here for a tonic or pick me up and she ALWAYS feels better.

If you go to a great establishment enough you will eventually meet the owners, my wife and I had the great privilege of meeting husband and wife team Jun and Julie.  I must say,  I have never met someone with a sharper memory than Jun, both of them are so bubbly and energetic and I loved it!  Jun and his wife are essentially selling health and well being remedies in bottles.  Nutrient dense, rainbow filled containers that give life.  Thank you for having the foresight, understanding and willingness to create such high caliber products.

Their juices are perfect year round.  This was also the first place I tried Oak Tree Vinegar! Read this interesting article about Wood Vinegar.

You can find them online at Love of Juice.

Buyer’s Tip: Look out for their discounts on juice cleanses, they happen a couple times a year but very well worth it.  Back to School, Winter and Summer Vacations. Lastly, keep your bottles! I believe they do $1 off of juice for every container you bring back (clean…of course) or be efficient and use the container to store nuts, seeds, etc.  You can order via text at (424)-200-2380 and pick up your fresh juice in flash!

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Welcome to Our Passion for Food or our plant-based journey.   It began on a cold Winter day in Leeds, England.  It was a gradual process, but like most changes it all started with a question, what am I putting inside my body? We (my […]