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Living La Vida Goji (berry)

Hey people, I hope each one of you is doing well.  Today I want to talk to you about Goji berries.  These luscious red berries are native to China and they’re amazing.  I try to eat them daily but forget on occasion, I’ve been consuming […]

El Camino Real – Fullerton, CA

To those that don’t speak Spanish, if you live in California you should learn it.  El camino real translates as the real path or the real way and YES this food is as authentic as it gets.  This place is a staple in the quaint […]

Pita Hot – Fullerton, CA

The best Mediterranean food in Fullerton and surrounding cities! Technically, I believe the food is Palestinian/Israeli cuisine or that’s what was gathered in speaking to the owner.

We normally get the veggie plate which comes with a choice of rice (veganess in question, I will ask next visit) or french both are great, 2 sides of which the plant-based options are are hummus, tabbouleh, moutabal or the street name baba ganoush, Mediterranean salad, white cabbage, Turkish salad, and sumac onions (if you’re a boss like that)  all fire! Hummus and baba ganoush are our standards, the roasted veggies are a spectacle to behold and taste and of course you get 3 falafels.  We might order 2 more at 0.50 cents each and an extra pita bread at 0.25 cents and we’re golden.

Its perfect, EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Waits can vary, when I came one time at their immediate opening, that’s 11am there was already a 20 minute wait. How those 15 orders got ahead of me I do not know.   You can get a free baklava if you sign in on Yelp.  Get em!

They have one of those cool fountain drink machines that has like every flavor of drink in the world but we don’t drink soda so we don’t touch it.  I always have my own water too, out of habit.  If you’re in a hurry just call ahead of time and expect 20 minutes that’s a great way to get ahead, enjoy this beautiful cuisine and let us know what you think!

Much Love and God Bless!

The Google says:

Informal counter-serve cafe specializing in Mediterranean dishes from kebabs to salads.
Address: 1343 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831

HoursOpen today · 11AM–9:30PM

Phone: (714) 449-0100

Love of Juice – Irvine, CA

Easily the best juice in Orange County. Their headquarters are located in Irvine at Farm Direct.  Their location and name alone should tell you about their products.  This company prides themselves on picking the best local organic and non genetically modified fruits and vegetables. If […]

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Welcome to Our Passion for Food or our plant-based journey.   It began on a cold Winter day in Leeds, England.  It was a gradual process, but like most changes it all started with a question, what am I putting inside my body? We (my […]