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Nan Zhou – hand drawn noodle house – Mesa, AZ

Residents of Mesa, border cities and surrounding regions, this is a FIRE alert.  Likened to yelling fire in a theater, I had to tell somebody. So we (the wife, the little baby and I) arrived almost at noon and Nan Zhou was just starting to […]

Living La Vida Goji (berry)

Hey people, I hope each one of you is doing well.  Today I want to talk to you about Goji berries.  These luscious red berries are native to China and they’re amazing.  I try to eat them daily but forget on occasion, I’ve been consuming […]

El Camino Real – Fullerton, CA

To those that don’t speak Spanish, if you live in California you should learn it.  El camino real translates as the real path or the real way and YES this food is as authentic as it gets.  This place is a staple in the quaint city of Fullerton.

I was just here the other day and revisited their nachos, no cheese (queso) or sour cream (crema in Spanish).  Sometimes I can get it across to staff that not getting meat and substituting guacamole instead is worth it and not having to pay extra is a treat.  Their veggie burritos minus cheese and sour cream again are out of this world good.

Are you seeing the pattern though? A good burrito will have well cooked and seasoned rice, beans and whatever else goes inside but that simple base makes it a long way as long as they are not cooked with lard or other unhealthy animal fats.

The tortas are good and the sopes better, you could veganize a chimichanga if you were bold.  Their pico de gallo is legendary and comes home with me every time we visit.  The tamarand agua fresca is quite lovely but get the hibiscus or jamaica (prounounced  ha-mike-uh) if you’re not looking for a sweet drink.

If you eat in you get chips and salsa for free like most Mexican restaurants, usually their unlimited but doesn’t make sense eating chips and salsa when you get nachos so just think before you order.

Absolutely love this place, please check it out and let us know what you think! Oh it’s open at 7:30am too so, enjoy!

Pita Hot – Fullerton, CA

The best Mediterranean food in Fullerton and surrounding cities! Technically, I believe the food is Palestinian/Israeli cuisine or that’s what was gathered in speaking to the owner. We normally get the veggie plate which comes with a choice of rice (veganess in question, I will […]

Love of Juice – Irvine, CA

Easily the best juice in Orange County. Their headquarters are located in Irvine at Farm Direct.  Their location and name alone should tell you about their products.  This company prides themselves on picking the best local organic and non genetically modified fruits and vegetables. If […]

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Welcome to Our Passion for Food or our plant-based journey.   It began on a cold Winter day in Leeds, England.  It was a gradual process, but like most changes it all started with a question, what am I putting inside my body?

We (my wife and I, girlfriend at the time) stumbled upon a documentary by the legendary plant-based heavyweight Dr. Michael Klaper.  It was titled Food That Kills, I recommend anyone and everyone to watch it. There are 3 separate links to the video in case one goes down but they are on Youtube where they can be watched for free.  Dr. Klaper in plain English explains scientifically what happens when you eat animals and animal products. His explanation and examples were simple enough to understand yet in-depth and provocative.  Thankfully enough so that we took the plunge and now it will be 4 years plant strong coming this February 2017!

Our Passion for Food is a melange of inner, over and understandings that have relevancy in this day and age.  My wife Natalie and I, Nathan are both private chefs not by trade or schooling, Natalie is the best baker I know in life at the moment.  I enjoy learning about Nutrition, Herbs, Biochemistry, Longevity and Breathing.  We met while studying Arabic abroad in Fez, Morocco and between us we can get by in 6 languages.  This year we have finally understood the once paradoxical 1+1=3 and what an experience this has been with perfection.  I believe in God as His wisdom can be seen in nature, Genesis 1:29 from the NIV Bible reads, “Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.'”  All of the nutrients needed by the body just happen to be found in plants all around the world.

Enough about us, back to this platform.  Perhaps to those interested this veganism or plant-based shift has conscious, socioeconomic and political ramifications, a vegan should be aware of what they are deciding to put into their body.  Not what is available by manufacturers.  Conscious eating and understanding of…the Standard American Diet is no truer than it’s acronym, it’s s.a.d. This unhealthy diet has brought a plethora of health conditions to the forefront of America.  According to the CDC the leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and Nephritis or inflammation of the kidneys.  Research has REPEATEDLY shown that a lifestyle composed mainly of plant-based eating can DRAMATICALLY increase your chances of preventing, decrease your chances of developing and sometimes even reversing many of these issues.

The goal of our website is to give the  world what we have received in our short time as plant based consumers. Short cuts, insights, recipes, products, etc. Perhaps we may even give a glimpse of the psychology of a vegan.  I personally will not be sugar coating anything, as I see it, will it be told.  I know this is the welcome page but we might as well get into it.  If you’re here to learn and understand what is being done, you will make a change for the betterment of yourself, your family and the world.

Cancer.   Please excuse my bluntness as moments.  The truth can cause one to pause, this pause comes from the shaking of our foundation or perception of reality.  Cancer, like anything that has become popular or common to society creates an industry.  This industry is tied to a few other industries (pharmaceutical, insurance, chemotherapy to name a few) but alone is currently a multi-billion dollar industry.  A quote online succinctly reaffirmed this notion, “the pharmaceutical industry DOES NOT create cures, they create customers.” This is the goal of most businesses and industries, repeat customers, unfortunately at the demise of one’s health and eventual life.  I know this is heavy, this is a lot to take in but foundations must be shifted in order for change to take place.

In essence the whole sentiment of our collective endeavor is that we can live on this planet without the necessity of eating animals or their by products. Cow’s milk is for a baby cow.  That which we call nature, however it came to be what it is now has provided, provides and continues to provide sustenance through an intricate system which can come to be partly understood here.

This enrichment platform is truly a collection of ideas and experiences.  I am NOT a doctor nor a nutritionist, I stand to be corrected yet I understand that there are people who will purposefully engender misinformation or disinformation for sake of misguidance and gain.

I continue to learn and question in hopes of finding those as I am growing like plants do into a rich and mature understanding of what sustains or benefits life and prevents disease or distress in one’s body and life.