El Camino Real – Fullerton, CA

To those that don’t speak Spanish, if you live in California you should learn it.  El camino real translates as the real path or the real way and YES this food is as authentic as it gets.  This place is a staple in the quaint city of Fullerton.

I was just here the other day and revisited their nachos, no cheese (queso) or sour cream (crema in Spanish).  Sometimes I can get it across to staff that not getting meat and substituting guacamole instead is worth it and not having to pay extra is a treat.  Their veggie burritos minus cheese and sour cream again are out of this world good.

Are you seeing the pattern though? A good burrito will have well cooked and seasoned rice, beans and whatever else goes inside but that simple base makes it a long way as long as they are not cooked with lard or other unhealthy animal fats.

The tortas are good and the sopes better, you could veganize a chimichanga if you were bold.  Their pico de gallo is legendary and comes home with me every time we visit.  The tamarand agua fresca is quite lovely but get the hibiscus or jamaica (prounounced  ha-mike-uh) if you’re not looking for a sweet drink.

If you eat in you get chips and salsa for free like most Mexican restaurants, usually their unlimited but doesn’t make sense eating chips and salsa when you get nachos so just think before you order.

Absolutely love this place, please check it out and let us know what you think! Oh it’s open at 7:30am too so, enjoy!

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