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Hey people,

I hope each one of you is doing well.  Today I want to talk to you about Goji berries.  These luscious red berries are native to China and they’re amazing.  I try to eat them daily but forget on occasion, I’ve been consuming these little nutrient dense power houses for about 3 years now.

Freshly picked Goji berries, usually they are dried and then packaged but this picture shows them in their opulence!

When I first started buying them I was blown away by their prices.  Sprout’s would sell a small pre-packaged container about a 1/4-pound for $24.99/LB.  If you wanted to free-hand the Gojis into a plastic bag that would be $19.99/LB which was more of a discount but still too pricey.  I purchased different brands over the years but the same problem persisted, the Goji berries were usually dry and a bit too crunchy (hey what did I know, I was new to the game).

One day wifey told me she had signed up for amazon reviews (this was a service that offered deeply discounted products in exchange for a review on Amazon; since then they have changed their policies…).  A similar site, if you are interested, is Snagshout.  Make sure to click on “categories” to see everything they offer.  I brought this up because there was an offer for Goji Berries and I was super ecstatic that I would be spending less than $3 for a pound of Gojis.

This is where the game changed.  These Goji Berries were the freshest, most plump, delicious variety I’d eaten in my life.  Las week, I was reminded about them and when I was about order some on Amazon I noticed the company that gathered these berries in China was located in Scottsdale, AZ (a border city to where we recently moved).  I decided to contact them.

I’ve now become an affiliate and would love to share their wonderful products with you! Please give them a shot and let me know what you think! Check out the best Goji berries I have found to date.


I hope you enjoy them, I sure do! They’re great by the handful, in smoothies, in oatmeal (mornings), in hot tea (let them soak in the liquid and eat them at the end), with raw desserts (for color, taste and nutrients), and… I could go on and on.  Enjoy these berries!

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