Nan Zhou – hand drawn noodle house – Mesa, AZ

Residents of Mesa, border cities and surrounding regions, this is a FIRE alert.  Likened to yelling fire in a theater, I had to tell somebody.

So we (the wife, the little baby and I) arrived almost at noon and Nan Zhou was just starting to fill up, by the time we left all of the booths were taken and only a few seats remained in the center of the restaurant.

We ordered:

Green Onion Pancake (very elusive, it disappeared before a photograph could be rendered)


Noodle with House Special Sa-Te Sauce (yes, those are scissors and yes, they are recommended. The sauce reminded me of a dry rub, it’s not really a sauce)

Vegetable Stir Fry Noodle (we’ve been back for these already)

Sauteed Green Beans (pungent garlic smell and taste with a bowl of rice, the little baby loved these)

The food was absolutely spectacular, the best “non-vegetarian” Chinese food I think I have ever had.  Easily the best Chinese food we’ve had since moving to Arizona in February of this year.  Simply phenomenal, I will be back like a heart beat to this place.

The staff were very friendly and helpful, they guided us through the plant-based options available on their menu.  So, the thing about it:

“the food is extremely fresh, authentic and aromatic, it is masterfully prepared and cooked (I was able to pick this up on my first visit) which begat energetics from the food that were quite enjoyable.”

The total was just below $25, super affordable considering what we eat was enough for AT LEAST 4 adults (don’t judge us).

I normally don’t do this, in fact I never have but if you’re in the vicinity you will appreciate this resident’s tip.  A stone’s throw away (between 10 and 25 feet, throwing stones further than that seems dangerous) from Nan Zhou is a small Asian grocery store called Winglee.

Inside of Winglee they sell fruit that you wouldn’t normally find in a standard grocery store. Since our first visit we have tried the passion fruit juice which is lovely, the sugar cane juice (which is spliced with kumquat and minimal amount of ice, a great quencher for the Summer’s heat) and a delicious banana dessert.












Here is Nan Zhou’s website where you can order for food for pick-up if you’re in a hurry.

Try this stuff and let me know what you think! It was overall an amazing day with all this good quality food we just happened to stumble upon. Thanks Sengei.

“holdin’ it down!”

Tune back in next week for another great plant-based post in ARi-ZoNNNaaaaa!

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