The Uprooted Kitchen – Gilbert, AZ

The Uprooted Kitchen – Gilbert, AZ

Easily one of the most conscious eateries we have been to in Arizona.  Look at how conscious this meal looks!

The restaurant is located in Gilbert, AZ for those that know the terrain out here.  Last year Gilbert was actually voted the 2nd safest city in ALL of America, right behind my old border city Irvine, CA.  The Uprooted Kitchen is centrally located in Agritopia, which is an outdoor, urban farm situated and designed to brave the heat of the Sonoran Desert.  You can consider Agritopia a conscious village that is interested in their health and well being taking into account from where their food comes.  In simple terms, they strive to eat what they grow and grow what they eat instead of allowing the big companies and corporations to rule every aspect of their lives.


     The french toast, it’s sourdough, coco-yogurt, granola and fruit preserves.

The Uprooted Kitchen at it’s core is a duo of husband and wife owners who have created unique, tasty dishes that not only appeal to the aesthetic senses but also to the body, delivering nutrient dense goodness that will leave you full and full of energy!


We love supporting mom and pop shops and their story is a great one, they started in a food truck! I don’t think there are too many other places to start for people wishing to hone and master their craft.  Kudos to you both and thank you for the staff who always treat our little one like a princess!

We just had lunch there yesterday and this is what we got! It was the special for father’s day.  A Caesar salad, tempeh breakfast sandwich and corn chowder.  The pb cup dessert simply disappeared before my eyes.

This carrot cake with cashew cream frosting was straight heavenly.  It was from our very first visit, I sat and watched as each slice was sold before we finished eating on their long communal dinner table.

We always look forward to going back!


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