Avocado on Toast

Avocado on Toast

This unruly combination has become one of my all time favorites and not because it can be prepared in minutes nor its aesthetically pleasing attributes that briefly render all of the senses powerless but because of the pure and simple satisfaction that governs each and every bite.  In other words it’s fast, decadently elegant and super tasty! I would recommend trying new spices and herb mixtures to activate your palate and organs.

You want to start with the bread or it’s equivalent wherever you may be, get the best quality as you can.  I enjoy the grainy, hearty bread from Kakaso (Costco, the mispronounced gem uttered by my then 3 year old nephew) usually it’s 2 for $6 at Kakaso or around that price.  Freeze one.  You will thank me later.  Alternatively, I would highly recommend you make your own bread, it costs cents on the dollar, you know exactly what’s inside it because you made it and it’s always an adventure if you like experimenting.

Avocados.  I love the hunt of a deal.  2 for $1 is a good place to start, $0.59 each work for me but nothing beats free! People with fruit trees are usually quite generous and have more than enough to share, just ask.  Climate is important as avocado trees don’t fair well in extreme heat or cold.  Now if you want them to ripen faster let them stay in close proximity with other fruits that ripen quickly for example a banana.  Avocados also do well in a brown paper bag, room temperature, again not too hot or they can spoil, too cold and the ripening process will slow down.

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Now it’s not my prerogative if you decide to assassinate a whole avocado in one sitting with only two slices of bread but personally, I use half an avocado for both slices.  Bread enters the toaster (assuming you have one) or toaster oven or outside in the sun or in a hot car. When ready use a knife to create a line that goes all the way around the avocado.  Spin and release the two halves effortlessly, one will retain the seed.  Put that one away and use the half without the seed.  Cover the avocado and store properly (probably in a refrigerator with cling wrap).

Spread nature’s butter all over those pieces of toast.

I have two separate options that are both amazingly stunning, in other words the game has been transcended.  The first is a combination of pink Himalayan salt, fresh ground black pepper, fresh cut and dripped lemon juice and red pepper chili flakes.  You can never ever go wrong in life with this one.

The other is my special mix which is sale worthy and comes in a few combinations but one of the main one’s follows.  Pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, turmeric powder, Spanish style smoked paprika or Aleppo pepper & cayenne pepper.

For those that read between the lines, here’s a secret.  To check how ripe your avocado is take the top of, you can put it back on but it will tell you the state of the avocado inside.  If it’s dark with white hairs it’s spoiled, abandon ship.  A perfectly ripe avocado looks healthy, has a bright light green color and is geometrically sound when you take the top off (where the avocado would have hung from the tree, you would take this out before you cut the avocado in half).

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Stay looking out for a product that will be out soon!

Thank you for taking the time to read and share this post.

Stay healthy my friends!

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