Cake is Served

Greetings Friends, family and strangers! 

As many of you may know, Natalie and I (Nathan)  have recently made Arizona our home and it’s been a truly amazing experience.   If you are ever in the desert state of Arizona and would like to see us or would like to order some of the best vegan desserts that have ever touched your lips, feel free!

Sugarloaf Lane is still in the building.  This is a British inspired name as wifey is from England.  HERE is our website

Some of my personal favorites are:

The Lemon, Olive Oil, Yogurt (coconut) Cake – It’s basically the best moist lemon pound cake you’ve never had in your childhood or life. Yes, that’s real lemon zest, from a lemon.

The next one was only recently mastered, it hasn’t even been a month yet but it’s the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Brownie…you cant see the the sea salt in this picture but you can see the perfectly crispy top awaiting to be pounced on like Tigger waiting for Pooh, the inside of our brownie is definetely softer and sweeter than poor oh pooh bear.

Let me invite you to a new friend on our breakfast dessert lover’s team, the mango vanilla scone. You will have to click over a slide but in the front are the walnut, date and coffee scones.  I shouldn’t need to say too much more, with the rocketing prices of vanilla and vanilla beans these are a succulent saving grace.

The last two have yet to be photographed but I assure you they do exist. The chocolate chunk cookie and the carrot cake… it’s made with vegan cream cheese and is certain to change your life but according to the powers that be butter creams and refrigerated “cheeses” cant be sold to the public. Hit the DM or the personal number to buy cake “from a friend.” Since I have no photos of these desserts I will give you a different favorite one with a picture. The Baklava Cinnamon Rolls…

You can find SOME our desserts at two locations:

Provision Coffee – 2100 S Gilbert Rd #22, Chandler, AZ 85286 – Phone: (480) 788-1864

You can find us at these following events:

Zen Nights Block Party – July 28th – 6 – 10pm in Downtown Mesa on Main & Mcdonald.
Festival of the Arts (Mesa) every 1st and 3rd Saturday 10 to 4pm (location to be disclosed)

I could go on but let me stop. You can find us on Instagram at Sugarloaf Lane

We look forward to meeting you!

Thank you!