The Uprooted Kitchen – Gilbert, AZ

The Uprooted Kitchen – Gilbert, AZ

Easily one of the most conscious eateries we have been to in Arizona.  Look at how conscious this meal looks! The restaurant is located in Gilbert, AZ for those that know the terrain out here.  Last year Gilbert was actually voted the 2nd safest city […]

Nan Zhou – hand drawn noodle house – Mesa, AZ

Residents of Mesa, border cities and surrounding regions, this is a FIRE alert.  Likened to yelling fire in a theater, I had to tell somebody. So we (the wife, the little baby and I) arrived almost at noon and Nan Zhou was just starting to […]

Living La Vida Goji (berry)

Hey people, I hope each one of you is doing well.  Today I want to talk to you about Goji berries.  These luscious red berries are native to China and they’re amazing.  I try to eat them daily but forget on occasion, I’ve been consuming […]

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Welcome to Our Passion for Food or our plant-based journey.   It began on a cold Winter day in Leeds, England.  It was a gradual process, but like most changes it all started with a question, what am I putting inside my body? We (my […]